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Our approach

We connect public servants to the people they trust most—their peers, associations, agencies, and partners.

The collaboration platform for public service

Roundtable is a dedicated ecosystem for public servants to ask questions, find experts, and access resources within government and across the civic sphere.

The problem today:
Local solutions stay local

Working in silos

Practical findings from the field are not being captured and shared in real-time.

Reinventing the wheel

Proven best practices are hard to come by if you’re not “in the know.”

Seeking tangible insight

Thought leadership is too high-level to be useful, or too formal for discussion.

Roundtable is powering a more integrated, collaborative, effective government.

Discover new

Crowdsource best practices using forums to ask questions, download resources, and share practical information in real-time.

Find experts and
technical assistance

Use our Member Directory to find people who have worked on similar projects in other communities, or expand your network more broadly.

Build coast-to-coast connections

Connect with peers across the country to create a community to lean on whenever you need it.

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