Why We Chose to Host Roundtable on AWS GovCloud

Public servants do mission-critical work, from ensuring the security of our elections to providing housing to the most vulnerable populations in our communities. Equipping these practitioners with technology they can rely on comes with a commitment to security and reliability that is core to our mission at Roundtable. We’ve purpose-built our platform to ensure that the valuable conversations, insights, and connections facilitated are safeguarded, which is why we decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud as our hosting provider.

What is AWS GovCloud?

AWS GovCloud is a specialized region of the AWS cloud infrastructure designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of government agencies and other highly regulated industries. Organizations with the most demanding security requirements – including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA – rely on GovCloud for their hosting. GovCloud is recognized for its security infrastructure, encompassing hardware, software, networking, and data centers. For agencies and organizations operating in highly regulated industries, data residency and sovereignty are critical concerns – with GovCloud, data remains within the geographic boundaries of the United States, providing assurance that sensitive information stays under the jurisdiction and control of the respective entities.

Building Trust Through Security

At Roundtable, security is not just a box to check – by virtue of powering workflows in government operations, security and reliability are non-negotiable pillars of how we build the Roundtable platform. GovCloud’s certifications, including SOC, FedRAMP, and more, guarantee that the data hosted on Roundtable is handled securely and compliantly. By leveraging GovCloud, we ensure that our collaboration platform meets the highest security and compliance standards mandated by our customers. We’ve designed our security measures using industry best practices and are confident that we can exceed the security expectations of our customers, allowing them to focus on their mission-critical objectives without compromising on security.

Scalability and Innovation

By building our collaboration platform on GovCloud, we ensure high availability and low latency for our users, enabling seamless collaboration even in the most demanding environments. Additionally, AWS’s global footprint enables us to scale our platform effortlessly as our customer base grows. Hosting on GovCloud opens the door to exciting opportunities for innovation: access to an ecosystem of technology partners and solutions tailored for government operations ensures that we’re well-positioned to enhance Roundtable with new features, improved performance, and powerful integrations in the months to come.

The decision to build our product on AWS GovCloud was driven by a strategic alignment with the unique needs and requirements of our government customers. From robust security and compliance to data residency and sovereignty, GovCloud provides the ideal foundation for delivering a secure, reliable, and innovative collaboration platform that empowers our customers to achieve their mission-critical objectives with confidence. We’re energized by the potential of GovCloud to amplify the impact of Roundtable, empowering public servants to share ideas, solve problems, and drive positive change in their communities.