The State of Elections: User Symposium Recap

At Roundtable, bringing peer cohorts together to share best practices is core to what we do. During the user symposium, we invited representatives from five state offices to discuss priorities in their field, how Roundtable is being used today, and provide feedback on our product roadmap heading into 2024.  

The goal of the session was to provide an opportunity for people doing mission critical work across the country to come together for candid, tactical conversations about their focuses and how our platform can support them.

We kicked off with a discussion about the state of elections today – ranging from presentations on the operating model of different states, to suggestions on how states can maximize the value of our platform. A few themes emerged in our discussion:

  • How to maintain public confidence in elections, especially in the wake of disinformation campaigns and misinformation.
  • Managing a high turnover environment and onboarding new election officials.  
  • Opportunities for technology to streamline processes, save time, and produce more accurate outcomes.

States also discussed how Roundtable is being used today:

  • Central hub – a one-stop shop for training, technical support, resource sharing (e.g., checklists, procedures), and reminders for upcoming deadlines.
  • Capacity building – giving election officials time back by minimizing time spent reinventing the wheel.  
  • Bridging partisan divides – centralizing communication for all election officials across a state regardless of party affiliation.

We closed out the symposium with a sneak peek of our upcoming product initiatives, all focused on empowering public servants to get answers, make connections, and find resources faster.

We left the session energized by the opportunities for Civic Roundtable to continue to support those who uphold the integrity and security of our democratic process. We continue to be inspired by the dedication, passion, and creativity our public leaders bring to these conversations, and promise to do our part at Civic Roundtable to continue to build technology that supercharges their work!

Stay tuned for the next symposium — and as always, reach out if you’d like to join!