Introducing Roundtable

Connected, engaged, well-equipped practitioners fuel effective government. This simple premise is the foundation of Roundtable.

We are building the only dedicated peer-to-peer platform focused on equipping and empowering front-line government practitioners.  

Too frequently tools, resources, and funding overlook the critical engine behind effective government – practitioners. Individuals doing mission critical work – election security, crisis response, child welfare – are forced to “go it alone.”

Despite facing similar challenges, public servants lack adequate tools to share best practices, collaborate, and build community. As a result, the best solutions often stay local. Practitioners are stuck reinventing the wheel and losing precious time to solve society’s biggest challenges.

It’s never been more important to invest in the public servants on the front lines. Although government spending is at an all-time high, effective government is at an all-time low. Government practitioners often feel overlooked and under-resourced.

Until this broken system is fixed, the government cannot rebuild trust and deliver what everyday citizens expect and demand.

Enter Roundtable

We believe no government practitioner should ever have to go it alone. Instead, they should have the power to quickly tap their community for expertise. Practitioners should not have to spend hours digging through google drives, email chains, and conference printouts to find critical information or who to speak to.

Our platform – part professional network and part community-enabled tool – puts the power back in the hands of the practitioner.

Today, we are supporting regional practitioner communities solving some of the toughest challenges in government:

  • How do we keep elections safe?
  • How do we better protect children?
  • How do we roll-out new response types?

We are building towards a national, topic-driven dialogue. We are cracking the code on how to share insights, ideas, and practices across state lines.

Does Roundtable sound interesting? We would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at Stay tuned for future posts sharing updates, resources, and most importantly spotlights on public servants in our growing community.