Civic Roundtable raises $5M from General Catalyst to Transform How Government Solves Problems

Boston, MA February 12, 2024 – Civic Roundtable, a secure collaboration platform for government workers, today announced a $5M seed fundraise led by General Catalyst. This funding will accelerate Civic Roundtable’s expansion to new areas of government coordination, allowing for the development and growth of mission-driven teams dedicated to introducing innovation and effectiveness within the public sector.

Civic Roundtable emerged from the Harvard Innovation Labs with a clear vision: to revolutionize how 22M government workers across 90,000 agencies share information, build institutional memory, and ultimately solve problems in our communities that matter to all of us, from preventing homelessness to administering free, fair and secure elections. Today, government workers rely on a combination of antiquated websites, cripplingly misfit platforms, and noisy listservs to get the information they need to do their jobs. Civic Roundtable stands out as a purpose-built, secure tool for real-time communication and coordination across levels and functions of government. Between high employee turnover and historic spending levels, investing in government infrastructure has never been more important.

“Our mission at Civic Roundtable is to power a more innovative and effective government. Step 1 is to equip those on the frontlines with the information and networks they need to be successful,” said Madeleine Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Civic Roundtable. “The stakes are high. We’re talking about those who work every day to keep the lights on in our communities, from education to transportation to safety. This new investment validates Civic Roundtable’s position as a leader in the collaboration space, and fuels our ability to build and deploy mission critical technology to government workers across the country.”

Primarily composed of former government workers and veterans of Mark43, the founding team has decades of combined experience working across the public sector and navigating the complexities of deploying tech for the government. “We started Civic Roundtable because we saw first hand the incredible opportunity for tech to make an impact in the public sector,” said Josh Seiden, Co-Founder of Civic Roundtable. “We’re excited to keep building a team of mission-driven technologists, and this funding will make that possible.”  

Jessica Kubicki, Chief Initiative Officer at The Housing Collective, an early customer of Civic Roundtable, champions the platform’s role in the homelessness prevention sector. "Civic Roundtable has revolutionized how we coordinate across agencies," said Kubicki. "It's not just a platform; it's a lifeline that connects and empowers those dedicated to ending homelessness. The enhanced communication and resource sharing have been game-changers for us, making a real difference in the lives of those we serve."

This funding will catalyze Civic Roundtable’s growth and impact, building on early traction in the homelessness prevention, economic development, election administration and cybersecurity spaces. Since launching the company’s first product in 2023, the team onboarded 5,000 users representing over 500 government agencies. The platform's innovative approach is revolutionizing how government workers communicate, share insights, and implement solutions, ultimately creating a new operating system for public problem-solving.

About Civic Roundtable

Civic Roundtable is a secure collaboration platform connecting government workers to the people they trust most – their peers, their agencies, and their partners. Civic Roundtable is the only collaboration tool purpose-built for government and hosted on AWS GovCloud.

Civic Roundtable is founded by former government workers and executives at Mark43 and funded by venture capital firm, General Catalyst. The company is headquartered in Boston. For more information, visit